Being Eco Friendly

With the current climate crisis, a lot of pressure is being placed on businesses to become 'eco-friendly', but in reality, what does that mean? Is it merely a box-ticking exercise to say that CSR policy has been followed or is it a societal shift towards a carbon-neutral world? Whilst I'm sure nobod...

Why gift sets are the new IT product!

Since the pandemic has hit, sending out gift packs to staff and customers has become popular as many are still working from home or have incorporated a mixture of WFH and office life. 

In this post, we discuss our top picks for all sorts of occassions, from eco-friendly options to hygiene packs. we have a wide range of pre-made gift packs for whatever the situation! 

The New and Improved M-four Promotions!

For a while we have been thinking about a re-brand and with a new year, we thought now was the perfect time! Say hello to our new look!

mfour logo

We are a bright and bubbly office and feel like this new and improved look is more fitting. Let us know what you think of it!

Not only are we re-branding our wh...

Celebrate with winter drinkware


From cold, crisp mornings to finishing work when it’s dark outside, winter is here! The autumn and winter season sees a spike in drinkware in the promotional merchandise world and we’re not surprised! Who doesn’t enjoy sipping a hot beverage whilst you’re outside in the cold. Not to forget that i...

The World Of Face Masks

Face masks...our new best friend! If you live in the UK, from being in shops, cafes, to using public transport, it is now a legal requirement to wear a face mask or covering (unless you are exempt) in most public places. With many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which mask woul...

Corporate Christmas Ideas

I know this will either make you ecstatic or roll your eyes, but we’re going to talk about all things Christmas and why you need to get the ball rolling on Xmas themed promotional goodies. With less than 100 days left, Christmas is only around the corner and now is the best time to start thinking ab...

The “new normal” – How we can help keep your staff and customers safe.

Coronavirus put the world to a halt for a while, from panic buying toilet rolls to not being allowed to leave the house - unless for a Tesco run or to work out!

Slowly, we are all getting (or at least trying!) to get our routines back. However, we have all had to get accustomed to this “new norm”. ...

How is everyone doing? & How we can help your business?

I spent a while choosing what to call this blog… I guess it’s a bit of an update on how we are doing here at M-Four and to find out how you are all getting on, (or you could read this and think I’m rambling on) and also what promotional products that are available and how to use them for these new times.

How to Utilise Outdoor Promotional Merchandise

We have discussed seasonal marketing and promotional merchandise items that can be used through different times of the year e.g. Christmas and summer. But each year it changes, and each business is different and each marketing campaign for those businesses will vary and have distinctive purposes.


Transformation of Technology

Transformation of Technology Over The Last 20 Years

Long are the days filled with multiple notes and unorganised desks! With the way the technology industry has evolved over the decades our desks are looking very different from what they did 20 years ago.

Falling prices play a huge factor into the...