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RFID Promotional Items

What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. This is a wireless use of frequency waves used to transfer data. This means that people are able to steal your data such as bank card and passport details, allowing them to steal your identity. Most of us these days have a contactless ba...

What you need to make your exhibition display stand out?

Are you ready to exhibit… part two is here!!! 

So, we explained previously about the pre panning for exhibits and events and how M-Four can help with it all. Read it here!! Below we will be discussing a range of branded items that either we or our customers have used at a variety of events.

What t...

Are you exhibition ready?

So, you have an expo coming up... you’ve got a few business cards and a popup banner, but you’ve seen the competition from last year and you want your stand to look bigger and better than theirs.

You need to be thinking signage, giveaways, business stationery but then where can you go to get all of this? Are you thinking I haven’t got time to talk with 3 or 4 different businesses to sort this for me? Well panic no more my friend... M-Four can help with everything! Banners, tables cloths, giveaways, business stationery, gazebos, we can brand it all!