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Transformation of Technology

Transformation of Technology Over The Last 20 Years

Long are the days filled with multiple notes and unorganised desks! With the way the technology industry has evolved over the decades our desks are looking very different from what they did 20 years ago.

Falling prices play a huge factor into the...

Hints and Tips on Marketing Your Beauty Salon

Hints and Tips on marketing your beauty salon

If you own a business or work in marketing, then you’ll know that no matter your business, you must have some form of marketing strategy in place for development and growth but also for retaining customers too (here is our previous blog on this topic). 

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How to bring back business after the Coronavirus lockdown

Due to the Coronavirus, many events all over the world have come to a halt and have either been postponed or cancelled. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of businesses have seen a drop in sales. It is vital that you keep up with your marketing throughout the year as you want to get as much in eve...