Branded Promotional Gadgets

Technology is all around us so are we making use of branded promotional gadgets? 

Getting the most out of any marketing campaign is important and the main purpose is lead generation. We pressure ourselves to be out of the ordinary and to stand out, yet we can miss some of the simplest and most useful or powerful ideas that can grow and develop our brand or business....... Branded Technology or Gadgets!

Technology shapes our everyday life in so many ways and brings us ease in day to day activities and most people have some form of technology from phones to smart watches, tablets and laptops or wireless gadgets. So, using custom tech promo items reaches a huge audience no matter your industry! Another benefit is that your clients or consumers of your promo items will continue to use your branded gadgets for years to come meaning it will be heard and spoken about getting your business noticed!

The Geo range is very tech looking and has a variety of branded gadgets which we will be sharing with you below:

Branded Power Banks & Wireless Chargers.

Branded chargers are becoming the most popular giveaways at either trade shows, exhibitions and conferences, as who isn’t using their electronic devices 24/7?! A portable charger that can keep any phone, tablet or other electrical device stocked up with battery life is always a must have and a great incentive for any consumer.

Branded Computer Accessories.

Any computer accessory is a great merchandise item as it will be on a desk in front of your customer. When we think of computer accessories, we instantly think mouse mats and this mouse mat also comes with wireless charging for both mouse and phone.

Another great item for office users is the branded cleaning kit. Many of us get dirty glasses, phone screens, keyboards and tablet screens, which is why the promotional cleaning kits are a useful promotional giveaway!

Branded Speakers.

For the offices that like a little background noise or for those employees who can enjoy the use of your branded product at home, the speaker and power bank set is fab! The geo range has a few different sets, one is the speaker and power bank set, and another is the mouse and speaker set. These sets make great and useful branded giveaways for both clients and staff.

We strive to ensure our team is up to date with all the trends and the constant changing requirements of promotional tech – look out on our social media accounts or other blogs to see what we are up to. If you’re stuck for inspiration, or just a bit curious… then view our promotional gadgets range HERE, these are competitively priced with both high and low-end products available.