Covid - 19 Updates

The latest updates from the team at M-four.... 

Some of us have been furloughed, and some of us have been working from home, and some of you are home schooling children and still trying to work, or maybe you are a keyworker and have been working crazy hours! However, you have spent the last few months it has been unusual times for all of us but many of us are starting to adapt to the "new normal".

We will be using this page to keep you updated on some of our items and services we offer that may help you. We are open and if you need to contact us call us on 0118 966 5207 or email Judith or Ruby for any queries, questions or help you might need.

So, to begin with we will go through some of the items that we think will be suitable for the current time. There are many offices, shops and potentially soon or at some point maybe pubs or hairdressers will be opening will need social distancing signage, and health and safety signage and PPE for employees to encourage appropriate hygiene techniques. 

Social Distance Signage
There is a large collection of signange available for social distancing, sanitiser stations, shield screen protections and much more. If you are unsure on what you will need when returning to the office get in touch via or find out more about Branded Covid-19 Signage Here. Keepsafe keyring

Prevent cross contamination within your establishment by providing these keepsafe keyrings to staff and visitors! No need to touch buttons, door handles or even toilet flushes, just use your keepsafe keyring! 


Custom Print Hand SanitiserThen there are the obvious items such as face masks and hand sanitisers. If you are looking for reusable or disposable face masks, we can provide both, and they can be plain stock or branded.

The hand sanitisers ran out of stock really quickly at the beginning of lockdown back in March, but now stock levels have increased meaning we are able to offer a range of sizes now too, from 1 litre bottles to small 50ml pocket sized bottles.

Here are links to some product pages showing you some of our range of signage and PPE type items. 

- Personal care

- Medical

- Safety and Secutiry 

When lockdown first began, we had to come up with some ideas for not just our marketing but also for how we could help our customers with their marketing campaigns moving forward. We have worked in the promotional merchandise world for many years now, and we have not seen such a dramatic change in the way our customers are now giving their branded giveaways. We have always offered fulfilment and postal packages, and fulfilment has been a big part of our business, but postal packages where usually only used at Christmas or Easter. Whereas now both our standard and bespoke postal packages are becoming more sort after.