Festive Promotional Products

There can be great value in branded merchandise for seasonal events like Christmas, Easter and Summer and these are ideal times to invest. Promotional merchandise has always been about building brand awareness and the positives around it. With most consumers buying from recommendation, seasonal events are a great way to reach a larger audience as your consumers will be socialising more than usual and are more than likely to share their positive experience about your business or organisation with family and friends.

 Christmas branded merchandise

The Christmas period can bring joy to people, knowing there is time off, family events and lots of festive spirit. Some of the best Christmas marketing campaigns focus on the excitement that the festive season brings. The simple build up to Christmas can deliver excitement and anticipation, which is why the branded advent calendar is a best seller and a great item to bring joy to others.

Whether you are a large corporate company wanting to provide staff with a Christmas gift or if you are a small business wanting to thank your all-important clientele, there are lots of different promo items to suit all sizes, brands and types of business. From branded chocolate coins, to luxury Christmas hampers or glassware items, we can help you and your Christmas marketing campaign.

 As mentioned earlier branded Christmas merchandise can be used for a variety of reasons but the timing of when to give the items out can also be a challenge too. Here are some ideas for both;


  • Wishing employees, a Merry Christmas with some simple branded Christmas cards or chocolates which can be given out at the Christmas do.
  • It’s a perfect time of year to say thank you to your current clients with some more plush promotional festive products for example gadgets or branded Christmas hampers, which can be given out at an event for your customers or in a mail out.
  • Go above and beyond to secure new customers with a follow up of a branded Christmas gift, which can be kept in sight for a long period of time for example branded desk calendars, speakers or wireless chargers.    


Have a browse through our Christmas promotional items here, there are many available so there is something suitable for your brand or Christmas campaign. The most important thing is to make sure you get your branded Christmas merchandise before it is too late (some of the items are available from August and it can be best to order early to avoid disappointment and to make sure that these arrive with your customer on time).

We are here to help, so if you have any questions or can’t find what you are looking for please do call us 0118 966 5207 and we’ll be more than happy to help.