How is everyone doing? & How we can help your business?

How are you all? and How can we help your marketing campaigns for your business in this current time?

I spent a while choosing what to call this blog… I guess it’s a bit of an update on how we are doing here at M-Four and to find out how you are all getting on, (or you could read this and think I’m rambling on) and also what promotional products that are available and how to use them for these new times.

I’m currently writing this after being furloughed for 2 months and I’m back to working life for a short period of time, and I’ll be honest I was nervous and anxious about going back to work, it was like my first day back at school all those years ago. But it has reminded me just how much I love my job!

It is fair to say we are all adjusting to a new way of living and working and the way we interact with others, these are going to be different for a while. Most of us have been working from home or have been furloughed, some of us have started new hobbies or exercise regimes and probably binged watched a few series, (I know I have!). Yet there is one thing I have personally learnt from this experience so far and I am sure many others have too, is just how grateful I am for those loved ones around me.

So how are you all doing? What has been keeping you occupied during the lockdown? Has work been crazy busy for you? Are you working from home in your pjs? We hope you are all doing well and we all cannot wait to be working with you all again!

I said I would ramble on didn’t I…..

So “The new normal” the term we have all heard and probably fed up with, but its true this has been a huge change worldwide and everyone as individuals or as businesses have been affected differently. So, for those businesses who are wondering what they can do for their customers, employees, or visitors, or maybe you are wondering how you as a business can be prepared to market our way out of this.

Well below I’m going to share with you some different marketing options and products and some top tips for these!

So How can you still brand your business and be in the forefront of your customers? Or maybe it’s not marketing you want from these products but employee appreciation or to provide correct hygiene products for your employee’s safety. 

  •          Promotional Products for the Office:

You are probably thinking this is obvious, but are you ready to reopen your office? Have you done your risk assessments, and worked out how to follow COVID-19 guidelines? How can you make your employees feel safe on their return to the office?

Products that could be used within the office are:

-          Social Distancing Signage: this includes, floor and wall stickers, and shield screens for desks.

-          Branded hand sanitising stations; having a sanitiser station at the doors, in reception, in kitchens or canteen areas or outside toilets, can help prevent the spread of the virus.PPE back to work box

-          Face Protection: Face masks or face shields, help staff or customers stop the spread and feel reassured with these face masks and coverings. Maybe give your staff members a welcome back to work pack with PPE and a something personalised like a chocolate bar or a form of drinkware, or a safe key.

-          Personalised desk stationary: Personalised notepads, pens, mouse mats, desk tidy’s or phone chargers and other gadgets.Personalised Mugs

-          Personalised mugs and cutlery: Be sure everyone has their own drinkware or food ware by providing personalised mugs, cutlery or even Tupperware, to prevent cross contamination. 

  •          Promotional Products for Working from Home!

We have mentioned how many of us are working from home but why not try to make WFH that bit easier!! We offer a range of products that can be sent out and have some great ideas into how to make them a little different and fun! So, whether you want to show a little appreciation to your customers or say a big thank you to employees for their hard work and effort we have some great product for you to pick!

-          Branded Fitness Products for Exercise At Home; with gyms closed and not really much of an understanding as to when they can reopen, many of us have turned to homework outs,  Joe Wicks has been keeping the nation healthier with his #PEwithJoe, or virtual exercise classes (I have joined a few virtual Kettlebell and body weight classes).

-          We mentioned these before, but we sent some of these out to a few of our customers with some goodies in them… just as a thinking of you and a gratitude gift!  

-          Promotional Cycling or Running Accessories: not only are you encouraging a healthier lifestyle at home but also you could be encouraging staff to join the bike 2 work scheme for when they return to the office! Whether its snood, a hi-vis vest, or bottle or phone holders, there are lots of items to suit your budget!

-          Our postal packages: The pictures here are of some of the standard confectionery ones we have available, but I’ve added more information in the below section!

Goodies postal package Branded popcornBranded ChocolateBranded Sweet Dispenser

  •         Items and tips for virtual sales meetings, trade shows or events!

Events are a thing of the past… well as we used to know them…and probably for a little while longer! But they are still a hugely successful way for businesses and individuals to network, promote and educate themselves with others! Many of us have attended virtual meetings, fitness classes or even joined webinars in place of events. But those hosting the events… are you making the right and a long-lasting impression with your attendees? Usually when attending an event, you would always follow up with an email, call or even a meeting with your stand visitors – are you still doing this when holding virtual events? And are you still making the best impression? Why not follow up with a small gift to say thank you for their time, interest, and remind them who you are?

-          Again, our postal packages work great for these sorts of follow up gifts. We have your standard packages made up or you can make your own! Confectionery works great in these situations as people love a little goody!

-          Items that are relevant to the topic of your virtual event or that is relevant to your M-Four Branded Webcam Cover business and services can work great for giveaways.

-          Another great item is something that is relevant for now or your target audience that might not even be to do with your business, e.g. self-care products to encourage that me time whilst in lockdown or maybe some desk accessories or gadgets to use whilst working – such as webcam covers or wireless chargers!