How to Utilise Outdoor Promotional Merchandise

We have discussed seasonal marketing and promotional merchandise items that can be used through different times of the year e.g. Christmas and summer. But each year it changes, and each business is different and each marketing campaign for those businesses will vary and have distinctive purposes.

Understanding the different trends and seasons throughout the year will not only generate ideas for promotional merchandise but it also allows for you to understand how people will receive these items during those times.

Making the most out of the outdoors is one of the key ingredients to making the most out of outdoor promo merch. So here we are going to discuss with you some of our most successful outdoor promo items.

Sun Protection Items

It seems relatively obvious on the importance on protecting ourselves from the sun, but how useful would these types of items be not only to your branding but also staff, customers and others alike. We say it often, but it is because it works, useful items have lasting effect on the recipient!!

If you are hosting an outdoor event such as festivals, team building, sporting events or shows, then branded gazebos are a great way to protect you from the sun whilst offering a fabulous advertising space for your business. The way you brand your gazebo can really help to entice walkers by in! The main reason that gazebos work, is that you have a huge print area that’s simple, bold and effective…. Remember the gazebo is the first impression and they always count! But be sure to follow those first impressions up with something even more exciting!

Other outdoor sun protection items are custom printed sun cream protecting our skin from those UV rays. Branded Sun creams are a positive giveaway for any business if the end user will benefit from it and it’s relevant for the time of year. For example, you could put together a festival kit or camping package or summer essentials items, these could then be given to your staff or customers.

Other items that can be effective outdoor marketing that can be fun and creative but also provide protection from the sun are branded hats and printed sunglasses!! These items can be used for all ages, so places like schools, holiday camps or parks can benefit from these and provide for all the family. At M-four we have provided branded sunglasses to a range of our customers all within different industries, they have been used at outdoor events, or for staff as they work outside. Obviously, you can use them for any event or marketing campaign, but they are just a few ideas!

Foodies or Outdoor Events

Branded deck chairs and parasols are a perfect addition to those outdoor events, work parties and even sport tournaments. Not only are you providing visitors with seating and shelter, you are showcasing your brand in a bold and fun way. These items are a great way to promote your business and keep the branding flowing in all areas of your establishment. When purchasing branded parasols or deck chairs it is an investment as these will be long lasting promotional items that can be used again and again.

Some other great outdoor branded items that work well are branded cooler bags or custom printed picnic bags. Again, these can be used alongside your promo deck chairs, parasols and even gazebos. They also make for a great customer retention gift or even employee appreciation. From a range of cooler bags to picnic baskets or picnic bags we literally have you covered. So, if you are planning on attending any outdoor events this year then these can make great useful promo items.  Don’t forget to stay hydrated either, if you’re planning or attending any outdoor event or even just at home, use your promotional drinkware to keep you hydrated!

Outdoor Activities

Surely outdoor activities are what summers all about, whether that is still in your back garden! Being outside with family or friends has always been a huge part of making those summer memories. So, let’s take full advantage of the outside with some promotional games! Whether it’s printed frisbees for you and the doggo or a bat and ball game for the family. There are so many outdoor items to choose from such as sport balls for all types such as football, rugby or basketball and more. There are table tennis accessories or even golf items.

So how can you use these types of outdoor branded items? If you sponsor a sports event from schools, to universities to even the local fun run days in your community – giveaways for attendees or competitors can be a fantastic way to use these giveaways. Whether it’s events that want outdoor activities to be used like at may fairs or even team building events. Sponsoring events regularly and taking care of equipment can be these items, which can be used again and again or maybe each year you do different themes and people like the anticipation of your creative branding changing.

All these promotional outdoor games are a cost effective and fun promotional giveaway. Anyone who receives this will find it fun, interesting and useful.

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