Marketing Merchandise

What is Merchandise Marketing?

Merchandise marketing is the process of creating brand awareness by using promotional merchandise. Promotional merchandise can include a variety of items such as pens, pencils, notepads, t-shirts, bags, gadgets and more.

Merchandise marketing is like any other form of marketing, it’s another way to get your brand noticed and in front of potential and existing customers.

When to use marketing promotional items?

As mentioned, you can use marketing giveaways for potential clients, whether that’s at sales meetings, conferences or exhibitions. Using marketing giveaways can be highly beneficial especially for new businesses, as people like to receive free samples or gifts, and are more likely to communicate it with other work colleagues, friends or family. Therefore, generating a positive understanding around your new business.

Promotional items can be used to say thank you to clients, we all like to feel valued as a client and receiving an email is great, However, by sending a client some branded merchandise it can be much more effective in developing a solid relationship.

Furthermore, these branded items can provide gifts to employees such as awards for an award ceremony, or for keeping employees accessories branded including laptop bags, rucksacks, notepads or pens etc. This allows all your employees to generate exposure to your brand when attending meetings and such, it showcases a sense of professionalism and consistency for your business to others.

Why use merchandise marketing?

Merchandising might seem like an unnecessary cost when trying to control budgets within a business. However, marketing a business is key to growing a business. Merchandise marketing is a proven strategy and has been used by businesses worldwide for years.  If you have set out objectives as in what you wish to achieve from a marketing plan and who your target audience is, then branded merchandise can generate a valuable return on investment.

Remember that the merchandise you use communicates a message about your business, so making sure you use the right type of merchandise for your target audience is key.

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