Promotional Merchandise For Schools

Branded items for schools come in many shapes and sizes making them fantastic for any school event; from spring and summer fayres to end-of-term shows, charity raffles or Christmas bazaars. We have a wide range of promotional products to support your needs throughout the entire school year. We have written a few hints and tips around some school branded merchandise to help you choose the best item for you.

Get noted.

First off it is key that no matter what item you use it should showcase your schools’ values as first impressions last a lifetime. It’s not just about making a long-lasting impression, it’s also about making sure you are reaching your target audience at the right time, and application time can be a perfect time to promote your school. Promotional merchandise can not only promote your school but also provide a useful tool, for example, notebooks are a great giveaway not only can they look classy but they are also useful for the visitors who may want to take notes. 




Branded School Bag

We can supply various types of bags, we can also provide the traditional school bag which is perfect for the whole school from reception to when they leave. Branded school bags not only show off your school logo but also create a smart look alongside their uniform.

Branded Drawstring Bag

Another very popular design and a cheaper option is our branded drawstring bags, which are great for carrying P.E. kits. These would make great branded bags for school sports teams as well as bringing a sense of pride within students for their schools’ brand.

As we all know school bags are essential for children in education and they use them daily. This next bag we have chosen is arguably the most useful and used bag; a rucksack. This bag can fit all your books, lunch and P.E kits in and is convenient to carry! The rucksack is the all-rounder bag! 


What student or staff member doesn’t use stationery or for that matter love stationery! With such a range of different branded stationery items there is one that will benefit your school and students. Pencils are a simple yet cost effective way to build awareness of your school and can be used by all including students, staff and visitors.

Bring the fun and appreciation together.

Stickers are a great way to encourage kids to work hard or praise them on good effort. They are a cheap and fun way to encourage good performance in your school.

Many schools have awards whether it’s for behaviour, goals for individual students or yearly achievements. Awards are great for those end of term celebrations and can make a student feel a real sense of pride.

A lot of primary schools are now having a branded school teddy which are used for either raffles prizes, or a common use for these branded teddies are for students to take it in turns to take them home as a reward for their behaviour.

The ultimate winner with any school is possibly at Christmas or at the end of the school year where you can give away sweets or chocolate – everyone loves confectionery. We can supply confectionery and snacks that cater for a range of requirements including kosher, halal, vegetarian and gluten-free. From retro sweets, granola bars and jelly beans to cheese savouries, pretzels and popcorn, there are many options to choose from. Some items offer personalisation choices such as flavours and colours which will help truly tie into your school colours! 

Most of the above items we have mentioned also have an eco-friendly alternative, such as pencils made from recycled items or confectionery in plant-based pots rather than plastic pots.