The “new normal” – How we can help keep your staff and customers safe.

Coronavirus put the world to a halt for a while, from panic buying toilet rolls to not being allowed to leave the house - unless for a Tesco run or to work out!

Slowly, we are all getting (or at least trying!) to get our routines back. However, we have all had to get accustomed to this “new norm”. Coronavirus has changed the way of life for all and we would love to help you keep yourself, your employees and staff safe.

Whether you are working from home or are travelling to work and social distancing in your office, we can help you promote your business whilst protecting yourself and others.

As always, the promotional merchandise industry adds hundreds of new products daily and with Corona looking like it’s staying, here’s some of our favourite products on the market:

Brass hygienic zero contact keychain brass keyring

This clever tool will help you do every day tasks with zero contact. Perfect for pressing buttons on things such as ATMs and lifts, opening bottles and opening doors, it’s a great way to avoid touching points which may be frequently touched by many others.

Another reason why we love this product is because it is made from brass which has antimicrobial surface properties, meaning 99 of all bacteria will not survive on the metal.

They would make a thoughtful gift, great for mail outs and they would look sleek with your logo laser engraved onto them!

sanitiserAnti-bac gel

A hot commodity! There is a huge range of anti-bac choices to choose from. The standard, go-to anti-bac is this 100ml gel hand sanitiser which can be branded with a large full colour printed label.

If you are looking for something different, other variations of sanitiser that we stock are:

Face masks face mask

These 3-Ply UK made face masks can be made completely bespoke and as it is now a legal requirement for everyone to wear a mask in shops and on public transport, it makes a great excuse to use this as an opportunity to get brand exposure.

These are a superb way to encourage using re-usable products and they have a short lead time!

antimicrobial hepbrun pensPens with antimicrobial additive

If you work at a business where pens are shared by many, such as a bank, school, hotels, etc. Using a pen with an antimicrobial additive would be a great investment.

These Hepburn pens are formulated with an additive that fights against the growth and transmission of over 90% of bacteria. It is moulded into all exterior plastic parts of the product. It comes in six colours and can be decorated with a full colour digital wrap.


Americano Pure 350 ml antimicrobial insulated tumblerantimicrobial americano

This double-walled insulated tumbler contains Biomaster antimicrobial technology. This provides protection against the growth of harmful micro-organisms on the surface of your mug.

This is effective for the lifetime of the product and doesn’t affect the recyclability of the mug.

As the nights are starting to draw in and cough and flu season is upon us (as well as battling Corona!), this would be a fab way to promote your company on your way into walk whilst keeping those germs at bay!