The World Of Face Masks

Face masks...our new best friend! If you live in the UK, from being in shops, cafes, to using public transport, it is now a legal requirement to wear a face mask or covering (unless you are exempt) in most public places. With many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which mask would benefit you. Here in this blog we discuss the varities of masks and what their benefits are. 

3 ply face mask

Civil Grade Disposable 3-Ply Face Masks:

These are the go-to, standard 3-ply face masks that you will see in the shops. These masks are good for public use in areas such as offices and shops. They have 2 non-woven layers with 1 non-woven melt blown layer.


The KN95 masks are not designed for medical use but would be beneficial for public use. Similar to the civil grade 3 ply masks, these are useful for whether you need to use public transport or are doing your food shop, if you are looking for a plain stock mask that would help keep you protected in an every day environment, the KN95 could be for you.

Tested to En149:2001+a1:2009 Classified as Ffp2 Filtration Facepiece 2 with Filtration Level of = 94% for Foreign Particles Measuring Up to 0.6 µm.

3 Ply IIR Face Mask:IIR Mask

These disposable 3-ply face masks are single use and are type IIR (for close proximity environments such as hospitals and care homes).

These are the approved masks by The World Health Organisation as these surgical masks have a fluid resistant layer to help stop the spread of saliva and secretions exhaled by the user.

These are made in a sterile environment (ISO 13485:2016) and tested to EN 14683:2019. All testing documentation and declaration of conformity can be provided.

We can offer a short lead time on these so if you are in a rush, we can get these delivered to you quickly!

Customisable face coverings

Now that face masks are mandatory in most places, why not use this as a way to promote your business? Something I have personally noted is that back when the gyms were open, my gym had their Pantone colours on their face masks and it really stood out and made them look like a true professional business. With us having to stare at people’s mask-adorned faces now, this will give your business great brand exposure! Having a unique mask is definitely an eye catcher and will have people catching glimpses at your mask trying to read it, so why not go all out with creativity and make your masks personalised to match your brand.

PR796 3-Layer Fabric Mask


PR796 3-Layer Fabric Mask:

These premium looking face masks have woven fabric construction which allows the product to be washed and reused. They are breathable allow you to include a filter in. Other features are a handy nose wire to prevent your glasses from fogging up and they allow for a comfortable fit for all thanks to the adjustable elasticated ear loops.

These can be branded either side of the mask and come in 11 colours.


UK Made Bespoke Face Mask:bespoke mask

These bespoke masks are our favourite because marketing wise, they are a dream! With these masks, you can go all out with branding as they are printed full colour. So you have the option to brand these with a photo quality print or perhaps you want to go a bit more subtle and match your masks to your company’s Pantone colour like ours pictured!

They are water and dirt repellent and come in three sizes, large, standard and children’s.

The lead time on these is fairly short with a 10 day lead time and they have a low minimum order quantity.



Full Colour Xpress Band-It:

An alternative to masks, the Band-It can be worn in a variety of ways, like a snood, a bandana, a scarf, etc so would be great for those cold days and you can still keep your mouth and nose covered when you need to pop into the shops! I know some people can find masks a bit restrictive and many use snoods as a way to keep their face covered during the pandemic.

Just like the bespoke face masks, these can be branded full colour all over.


Face mask accessories ear saver

Full Colour PU Ear Saver:

This useful product will save you from getting ear ache from wearing your mask. Made from PU leather, this soft feel tool alleviates pressure on your ears whilst wearing a mask as you can loop the elastic ear loops around this instead, giving you a comfortable wear.

These can be branded with a full colour print.

mask mateMask Mate Case:

We have all left the house and gotten somewhere and forgot a mask. Well, no more! This case comes supplied with a carabiner style clip, handy for clipping onto your bag or keys.

It is made from 100% recycled plastic with an antimicrobial additive as standard. The additive includes ionic silver which is know for it’s natural sterilising properties. Thanks to this, the spread of bacteria and germs on the case surface is reduced by 98%.

There are 8 colours to choose from (but Pantone matching is also available at an additional cost) and it’s large branding area can be printed with a full digital print.

Handy Printed Face Mask Pouch: mask case

Another case option, this zippered pouch is produced from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles (RPET). Again, like the Mask Mate, it comes with a useful clip so you won’t have to rummish through your bag to find it! It can be branded full colour to both sides of the pouch and is machine washable.

With the pandemic looking like it is here to stay for a while, let us at M-four help you keep yourself, your staff and customers protected.

For more COVID based product ideas, why not check out our previous blog HERE on how we can help with the new normal!

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