Transformation of Technology

Transformation of Technology Over The Last 20 Years

Long are the days filled with multiple notes and unorganised desks! With the way the technology industry has evolved over the decades our desks are looking very different from what they did 20 years ago.

Falling prices play a huge factor into the fact technology products are so accessible in todays market place. 20 years ago, technology was almost non-existent and it is now a dominant sector of business and also in promotional merchandise. It’s hard to imagine a desk without some of the technology we are used too.

Here are some of our favorite tech products here at M-four:

  •          Power Banks- PF scx range with the light up logos
  •          Wireless charger
  •          White noise machine
  •          USB drives
  •          Smartwatches
  •          Rocket notebook 

Power Banks

It’s hard to imagine not packing a power bank for long journeys, having a spare one in your desk or just using it in your everyday life. They have become a staple essential in the last few years and transformed to come a long way. Some of our favorite power banks are this light up one as well as the wireless chargers which can come in handy when you’ve lost your phone cable!

This power bank can show your company’s logo lit up while it is charging or if you tap touch it. You can also brand the boxes that they come in to give away. With your company logo illuminated, it will definitely make an impression and they won’t forget you!

Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers wouldn’t have made sense 20 years ago, but now they are available for most people and it is a must have in a busy office or lifestyle! Having a wireless charger is a way to show people that your company is at the forefront when it comes to technology.

You can get wireless chargers in a variety of colours and materials. For those that are environmentally conscious you can also get wireless chargers in sustainable materials such as bamboo. This is perfect to engrave with your company logo. You don’t have to break the bank either! Wireless chargers are affordable to most and the way forward for many.

This bamboo wireless charger is one of our favorite products!

White Noise Machine

White noise is something we weren’t lucky enough to know enough about all those years ago and now we are!

White noise machines are an office essential for mindfulness at work and keeping your desk space stress free. More and more, employers are finding ways to keep employees happy in the workplace and practicing mindfulness. The white noise machines offer a relaxing music playlist that can be played such as playing ocean sounds. This is a must have for any office looking to create a calm atmosphere for their employees. The white noise machine that we love here at M-four offers you eight white noise recordings, wireless speaker and wireless charging for your phone! The recordings are proven to help aid stress and comes with a timer so is also perfect to use when falling asleep! A favourite for a promotional gift!

USB Drives

USB flash drives have been around so long and it’s hard to remember the days of using floppy disks which were unreliable and temperamental and not to mention huge! USB drives can hold more memory than they originally did, which means it has become easier to transfer work and share it with others. In terms of looks they have evolved and can now have the appearance of being thin and sleek looking and in a variety of shapes that fit with a corporate image. This USB flash drive is shaped like a key (which would be great for those of you who are estate agents!) and available in a variety of colours, it’s perfect to give a presentation on or other documentation needed for new customers or follow ups all with your branding, so they won’t forget you!

Smart Watches

Smartwatches have become a must have accessory for many, especially those that enjoy keeping active! The Bluetooth allows you to sink your smart watch with your phone or smart device to update you with emails or reminders while you are out and about. Most smart watches can also be used to count steps and monitor heart rate making it perfect for anyone who is trying to get fit. They are great for anyone who is constantly on the move and away from their desk most of the time! One of our favorite smart watches is this re-chargeable smart watch with Bluetooth connection and it looks on trend too!

Rocket Notebook

The rocket notebook is definitely something that is going to be a game changer for companies and a look at how technology is going to evolve for the future. The Rocket Notebook has 42 reusable pages with 7 different page styles for making plans and lists. No more wasting paper - this notebook can be used endlessly by wiping clean with a damp cloth (microfibre cloth included) so no more throwing away notebooks or scraps of paper, the rocket notebook is definitely a more environmentally friendly option and saves your notes directly to where you want on your phone!Once it is set up on to your phone you can upload your notes, sketches, and plans to popular cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Slack, iCloud, Email and more. The Rocket notebook includes task list, weekly planner, monthly calendar, OKR goal template idea list and comes with lined and/or dotted pages, so it’s perfect to make any types of notes. The pen is also included when you purchase the notebook and the notebook works with any Pilot FriXion pen, marker or highlighter.

If you are looking to spice up your staff’s desks whilst they are working from home or even remind those customers that you are still available even if those events got cancelled. Contact sales on or 0118 966 5207