University branded merchandise

University Branded Merchandise

It can become a challenge to attract potential scholars to universities, which is why university promotional giveaway items are perfect for trying to attract new students. Students live on a budget so appreciate a freebie, especially if it is a useful gift. Some universities also have branded merchandise which is available to buy for all students such as branded clothing. Potential students will form their opinions quickly and on first impressions, so if you’re using promotional products to attract new students or even if your merchandise is to be sold, it all needs to be good quality and well presented to ensure your brand has a positive influence on them.

We have a whole range of university promotional materials to help you attract new students at open days and higher education fairs or to even sell to new and existing students. As seen below we have highlighted some of the promo items that are popular with higher education facilities.

Day to Day Items:

These are the promotional items that are used daily by students at university, that we feel can be branded with your logo bringing brand awareness to your university.

1. Lanyards
Lanyards have been used within many organisations within a variety of sectors and industries. This is due to its usefulness!! Branded lanyards are perfect for students who need their name badges, access cards or keys to be held securely and accessibly to them.

2. Drinkware 
Bottles and travel mugs are extremely popular with young adults, as not only will they be helping to prevent their universities litter but also helping the environment by not using single use items. Students will also get to represent their university which will be playing a big part of their daily life for their entirety at uni. So, by providing reusable travel cups and bottles, whether you sell them or if it’s part of your welcome package it could really bring a great attitude at your university.

3. Laptop Bags and other branded computer accessories 
Traditionally notebooks are what students will make notes in from lectures, however, many students will take notes on their laptops or tablets. Make sure your students are ready with your branded laptop bags or tablet covers. Alternatively, you can get branded mouse mats, mice, webcam covers and much more see our fun promo itemssection below to find out more.

4. Pens/Notepads
Pens and notepads as mentioned earlier are used by students taking notes in lectures or to make notes whilst writing essays and assignments. Branded pens have been used for many years in the market. Branded pens have been used for years and are the number one promotional product worldwide. Pens are borrowed and are easily moved to anywhere, reaching a larger number of people.  


5. Clothing
For the first couple of weeks at university, students are settling themselves in as they are experiencing lots of new things, meeting new people and developing as an individual.Branded university clothing can really help build the university spirit and reinforces a sense of belonging for those wearing it.So, whether you're promoting your student union or just the university, clothing is a great way of ensuring new students can feel included.
We can supply printed or embroidered clothing from hoodies, sportswear, T-shirts, hats, jumpers and much more.

Fun promo items:
Whether you’ve been a student or worked in the industry for a while, we all know students love free gifts, especially if they are useful or even provide a bit of banter! Understanding the aim of your promotional merchandise is key but understanding the end user and how you want them to interact or react to the promotional merchandise they are receiving is even more important.

1. Sweets, mints and other yummies
Promotional food and drink make a fantastic giveaway for those students living on a budget. From sweets, to savouries, to protein bars – we’ve got the sweet tooth, the saviour craving and even those gym buddies who need that extra boost covered.

2. Branded Gadgets
At this current time most students are typically from the millennial generation. A generation commonly known for their digital understanding and social media usage. What better way to generate a lasting impression on a millennial than with a branded gadget or technology accessory – whether it’s something for their phone – stand, charger, phone case, or if you’re looking for other branded gadgets such as headphones or speakers. We have a large range of smartphone accessories that can be branded with your logo and don't have to cost crazy money either. Or doesn’t have to use up your marketing budget??

Most organisations, businesses and universities have a branding guideline which must be followed when printing their logo, and we can make sure that the right product with the best print area for the required branding is used. If you are looking for university promotional items, view our range of options here and click on the categories you are looking for or alternatively drop us an enquiry via email or call us 0118 9665207.